Adoption Choices


These are adoptions of a child through a Children’s Aid Society (Family and Children’s Services).  If you choose to adopt an older child, a sibling group or a child with special needs, you are eligible to adopt from most child welfare agencies in Ontario. Your local Children’s Aid Society may be willing to complete your homestudy or they will accept a homestudy that is completed by an Approved Adoption Practitioner. To see waiting children in Ontario and Canada, visit: AdoptOntario or Canada'sWaitingKids and watch this video  about adopting older children.

Private Domestic

This is the adoption of a child (usually a newborn) through a private licensee or licenced agency .  Licensees facilitate these adoptions. Birth parents are supported in their adoption planning by a birth parent counsellor and they make the decision about which adoptive parent they think would be the best choice for their child.  These adoptions are usually "open" to allow birth parents, adoptive parents and the adopted child to continue some type of ongoing relationship, such as the exchange of photos, letters and visits. There are often long waits for infant adoptions. 


These are adoptions from another country.  Licenced international adoption agencies in Ontario work with many international countries to facilitate adoptions.  Most international adoptees in Canada come from India, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia.Some international countries are only possibilities if you are adopting a relative. Most international adoptions are legally finalized in the child's country.